Haley Moss

Leader on disability inclusion, autism and neurodiversity in the workplace, employment policy, accessibility, and lawyers with disabilities | Keynote speaker

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An attorney. An author. An artist. An advocate.

Welcome to my online home! I’m glad you’re here. My name is Haley Moss. I was diagnosed with autism when I was 3 years old, and over the past twenty-plus years, I have been living my truth as an openly autistic woman. I am an attorney, author, advocate, and consultant.

I am an advocate who is passionate about disability inclusion and neurodiversity. I am an attorney licensed to practice law in Florida. As a consultant, I am working to help make companies, law firms, schools, and nonprofits more inclusive and accessible places for people with disabilities. My personal and professional experiences allow me to bring legal knowledge and individual perspective across different professions and settings.

I am a frequent keynote speaker and love to speak publicly about my experiences and be in front of a crowd (while autism may make socializing difficult for me sometimes, I happen to very much enjoy public speaking). In fact, my philosophy is that if sharing my story could make a difference in one person’s life, then it was all worth it.

As an author, I’ve written two books - one on the middle school years, and one about college. My writing has also been featured in varies media outlets. I write about autism in various contexts, whether it be personal experiences, media representation, politics, or how important it is to be heard and part of the conversation.

I speak, share, and advocate to create change because I believe the world needs to be ready and accepting of all kinds of bodies and minds. The future begins now. The future is neurodiverse. The future is accessible. The future is people with disabilities. I’m ready. Are you? Read more...


Haley Moss

Different isn’t bad. It’s just different. And different can be extraordinary

Haley Moss

My personal mission is to make sure you believe in something my mom always told me since I first learned about the autism spectrum one summer day when I was a kid - “different isn’t bad. It’s just different, and different can be extraordinary.” Our world is better for our differences; after all, it would be pretty boring if we were all exactly the same! We need to celebrate and accept one another. I’m your person when it comes to talking about neurodiversity, discovering talents, and living your truth. Read more...


“Haley is a delightful presenter with a powerful message. She helped to change some of my paradigms”

“Haley is phenomenal. She has really changed my thinking on how diversity should be viewed.”

"Haley is a wonderful speaker. I enjoyed her message and the fact that she stressed the importance of treating each person as an individual, not just another person with ASD.”

“My client and I have a new outlook on how she can reach her goals!”

“She gently challenged us to think about the world from her perspective”

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